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Nothing belongs to me but my writings.
Joined 3 May 2017

Nothing belongs to me but my writings.
Joined 3 May 2017
22 SEP AT 16:45

Some are naturally silent,
Some are made silent,
Some of them loves silence,
Some chooses to be silent
as they speak
a different language
known to none.


26 AUG AT 13:41

Imagine, someday
Just as you're about to,
make time for dear ones,
show how much you love them;
Imagine, the moment
when you're willing to
confess your old-time feelings,
to live the life you always wanted;
Imagine, the excitement
of fulfilling your desires,
breathtaking life adventures;
Imagine, the second
when finally you're about to
make everything happen,but
the world stops,the vision blurs
the thoughts fade way,
everything disappears at once,
and you escape to the unknown
leaving things unfinished, insignificant.


11 AUG AT 15:19

Don't be embarrassed
by your failures,
Embrace them and
turn them into triumphs.


27 JUL AT 15:31

I wish I could make a poem,
assembling my random thoughts
like how we put together portions
to complete a jigsaw puzzle.


29 JUN AT 14:28

I needlessly switch on lights in daytime,
I turn on the fan during winters and
put on blanket even if it's summer,
The TV channels plays comedy show
with no spectator to get a laugh.
Some numbers are only dialled,
as they gets busy at wrong times.
I try to concentrate on my sleep
but it never ceases to tease me.
Getting out of kitchen with water bottle
is no less than a relay race won.
Restroom feels more like a stage,
where I sing aloud without a mic.
The lizard at the corner of the ceiling
looks wild like dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.
Yes I see myself in a horror movie,
I make noises, I search for them too,
when it feels scary to be home alone.


29 JUN AT 11:48

I am at a point where I don't belong,
Sensing my urge to be in a new place
But then,i see myself running after
the nimbus clouds, like an athlete at race.

The winds kept blowing the clouds away
Leaving me behind, as they moved slowly,
But the stubborn heart never accepts
the defeat,for that I couldn't control me.

I follow wherever and whatever it takes,
to experience, the susurration of rain
I smiled and closed my eyes and opened
just to know that, my dreams are in vain.

I found myself at the same old situation
as I came back again to the reality of living,
And again I'm all set to run, to slip and trip,
to fall and rise, none can stop me from winning.

You see, it may not be simple as dreaming
And it's not certain you will get somewhere
It may take you some years or decades,
But never miss the pleasure of getting there.


15 JUN AT 22:54

And then there's someone,
who loves you to the core,
who forgives your fault
and find reasons to adore.

That someone who loves you
even after a hundred fights,
who offers a shoulder to lean
on the darkest of nights.

Who never ever disregards you,
who never gets tired of your talks
who may go through wearisome days
but won't miss daily evening walks.

Like a someone who cares
about you as a guardian.
I don't need that someone
I wanna be that someone.


14 JUN AT 12:25

You know, in life, sometimes you get mistreated maybe from same person for several times and at some point you may lose control, making yourself ready for a revenge,
but don't - don't be like them, don't be like the way they want you, don't be the kind of person they think about you. Be yourself, forget and move on. Be at peace and wonder how this simple thing makes you different from them.


14 APR AT 13:24

Only when you don't get the best,
you miss the good.


7 APR AT 10:28

A weird thing happens amidst my sorrow. While I cry, my brain keeps on playing happy songs in my head. But it gives no effect to my heart, it remains sad as it was. Poor Brain, it does whatever it can, to make me happy but the Heart will be stupid forever.


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