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Joined 11 November 2016
24 SEP AT 19:07

Of Job And Life


29 MAR AT 21:11

What To Write About?


17 MAR AT 21:35

‘You’re a good writer.
What happens to you while speaking?’

‘I can think on my feet alright.
But I need to sit on my ass
to express those thoughts.’


15 MAR AT 20:32

with whom we cheat on Today,
leaving the imperfect reality
for a perfect fantasy.


14 MAR AT 20:17

‘Weren’t you writing a book? What happened?’

‘It got shelved.’


25 FEB AT 15:07

इस बाढ़ जैसी दुनिया में
तुम इतना क्यों बह जाते हो
सब कुछ पाने की चाहत में
खुद खुद को खुद से चुराते हो


24 FEB AT 18:16

‘home’ and ‘try’.
You leave the former to do the latter.
You do the latter the rest of your days,
to return to the former.


24 FEB AT 18:01

All The World’s A Lab


17 FEB AT 20:28

वो अफ़साना जिसे
एक खूबसूरत मोड़ तक भी
लाना न हो मुमकिन
उसे जैसे-तैसे
जान बचाकर
छोड़ना अच्छा


17 FEB AT 19:07

getting to explore the world
without having to leave home.


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