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19 SEP AT 4:11

The only reason to be in love is if it makes you love yourself a little more.


16 SEP AT 2:02

दिल्ली जाना और वहाँ रहना
जितना ज़रूरी है,
उतना ही ज़रूरी है
वहाँ से निकलना।

नहीं तो दिल नहीं,
सिर्फ़ दिल्ली रह जाती है
खुद के अंदर।


16 SEP AT 1:56

Unkindness is a kind of violence. If it happens once, it will happen again.


12 SEP AT 16:24

I never knew being myopic would be such a privilege. It is an aid in thinking. Whenever I want to contemplate, to dive deeper, all I need to do is take my glasses off. Everything around me gets blurred. Since I can't focus on anything outside, it gets easier to focus within.

To make it further difficult to focus outside and enhance the blur, my greatest thinking tool has been walking with my glasses off. For safety's sake, such walks are strictly to be done within the premises of the house or on closed rooftops. The first thing that I look in any space to live or work at is the availability of a walking space. If there will an unhindered flow to my walking, if the doors are aligned in such a way that it offers 10 meters of runway for my thoughts to fly. What is a home where thoughts aren't free? What is a free thought if you can't freely walk while thinking?


7 SEP AT 11:12

I started doing it holistically. There was no point just exercising without altering my diet, without fasting and detoxifying, without quitting bad habits, without getting my body clock in order. It is easier to be fully disciplined than partly.


6 SEP AT 0:25

We remember those
that haven't loved us back
much more
for a reason.

They won't
remember us back
as much.


5 SEP AT 21:36

Parents don't realise that by oppressing their kid in front of someone, they oppress that someone too. For that someone can't say it out loud they don't like it. What is oppression if not stealing freedom?


4 SEP AT 1:30

5 Hard-Learnt Relationship Lessons— % &Relationships fail
when conversations stop working.

Conversations stop working not when one stops speaking, but when one stops enjoying listening to the other person. They become too monotonous, uninspiring or sometimes, just too much.— % &Emotional, material and physical compatibility are more important than intellectual compatibility in relationships.

You can always outsource intellectual stimulation to friends, books and authors and podcasts, but by virtue of sharing space, you need a good sync on first three aspects. Emotional compatibility—obviously, for being truthful and having clear communication about the good, bad and ugly. Physical compatibility—for having non-verbal ways of reassurance and showing love, for helping when words fail. Material compatibility—to have a similar outlook on things that fill your space and not be bothered by each other's aspirations and passions. — % &Good communication isn't about good articulation, but good listening.

Good listening is about listening to understand, not respond, least of all advise unless asked. People who don't listen are most often compulsive talkers, for silence bothers them. They interrupt and don't remember where they interrupted you. — % &Friendships can fill in for love.

Friendships are easier to sustain, as expectations are less. Friends know they aren't your top priority and are okay with that. Friends who expect too much and aren't forgiving, in my opinion, aren't worth it.— % &True freedom in a relationship comes when there is freedom to leave.

Funny thing is you'd never want to leave if you experience this kind of freedom. You need to be free and love freedom to crave for this, to appreciate this, else you'd always settle for one version or the other of an insecure and possessive love.— % &


4 SEP AT 0:58

Good Listening 101— % &Looking into the speaker's eye.

Not your phone.— % &Not interrupting.

Nodding, hmming.— % &Not listening to reply.

Listening to understand. Most often, your replies aren't needed. — % &No advice. None at all.

Not until asked. Strict no to unsolicited advice.— % &If you interrupt, because you have something that would add on to the conversation, remember where you interrupted. So you can go back and ask them to continue.

If you forget what they were saying after interrupting them, you weren't listening.— % &If you zone out while listening, and it is natural, because people are usually boring and unmindful that they're rambling, be direct. Say I'm losing focus. You're digressing. Sorry, my attention span is slightly low, can we keep it short?

And if you think you'd need to sugarcoat: What happens next? Can't wait to finish this story. — % &Ask more questions, but not in the middle. At the end.— % &


3 SEP AT 0:08

Writing, at the heart of it, is about feeling deeply. When people ask me what do I write about, it feels arrogant to say I write about everything. But it's true because I feel about everything deeply. Life, death, universe, black holes, plants, animals, writing, music, politics, family, love, heartbreak. You name it. A writer is just a writer at the end of the day. Feeling deeply is the quintessence of writing. Much like knowing how the notes are arranged is the quintessence of music. Once you crack that, you can play any and every instrument. You can write on any and every subject.


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