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Joined 14 January 2018
16 SEP AT 1:11

It's been too long since
I have allowed my bleeding mind
to let the wounds heal.
But, it's been too long since
spring bloomed.

It's been quite too long
that I went to the blank zone
Where light was far away from the
scene in which
I was playing like a puppet.

It's been too long
since I was deeply into the blues
of my own stories that
I went far away from me
to catch the fake star
that was there just to mystify
the vision of my eyes & dreams.


10 SEP AT 8:56

Again, another day,
another chapter.
Still, the same Sun that
never fails
to show up.
Maybe, it's the best reason
why you need
to be Sun to wake up
before anyone as
the doer than being stuck
in the dreamland!


5 SEP AT 19:50

“Is this numbness
Or just another thought of my mind
to find an excuse for not
letting words find a way to my heart?”


2 AUG AT 18:48

The words & promises that were once
safely kept close to my chest are
now a bee sting within.
Maybe, they are now deeply tattooed.


28 JUL AT 13:41

Like music,
Let me get into your heart.
Like poetry,
Let me cross the ocean that you’re.
Like rain,
Let me make you feel me.
Like breath,
Let me be closer to you.
Like poet,
Let me drop the love
that I wrote for you
inside your heart
with a wildflower that I kissed
to spread me within you!


26 JUL AT 10:47

“Life shrinks like a flower
when you don't get enough
of air to
create the aura.”


26 JUL AT 10:08

“Mind is the form of camphor,
Spreads a soothing aura when you
let it char no matter how strong
the poison is.”


24 JUL AT 21:04

“Like a drop of water,
You hugged the old leaf that
I became after being brushed by
so many rains and words that
you rained on me as if
I'm your blank canvas.”


24 JUL AT 0:20

Strings of love~

Too much within me,
Too childish for those who
possess laps that are too
Too selfish for the love
like pearls of rain
that keeps on sprinkling
down from the blues,
Too affectionate like a mum
Where there is the most pure
form of love that cares
for you no matter
how wrong you are.
Too moody like shades
Where there is a turmoil
in the rhythm of the heart.
Too tender
where there is silent love
That's too delicate to
tear apart.


21 JUL AT 21:12

“Love slept within me
deeply in
such a manner that
my words
Started making lame
excuses for
not raining out clouds.”


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