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25 APR 2017 AT 1:12

Ignite me
You'll be poetry
I'll remember you
Ignore me
You'll be a tale
I'll never let you forget


22 AUG 2020 AT 21:34

है ये कैसी विडम्बना
ना करो तारीफ़ अपनों की तो उन्हें लगता है बुरा
अगर करो तारीफ़ तो नज़रअंदाज़ करने लगते है जरा !!


1 JUL 2018 AT 9:33

बहुत हंसी आती हैं मुझे उन लोगोंपर
जो मुझे मुझसे ज्यादा जानते हैं।


10 JAN 2018 AT 19:35

It's said LOVE is BLIND. That's True as the Person in LOVE ignores small mistakes of his / her LOVE for an Exceptional Future Ahead TOGETHER.


18 JUL 2020 AT 20:59

Those who argue with others are those who cannot admit their own fault..!


12 APR 2021 AT 10:33

When you gain the pain,
Your heart is more hurt,
But get strong from the vain,

When you are broken,
You are a soul of splitted pieces,
But certain joy is appointed to you,
To your life permanently,
Do not ignore the truth,


3 FEB 2018 AT 18:46

♾Never leave people,expecting they will return...
Even if they return,they won't be the same...♾


6 JUL 2020 AT 16:55

Never ignore the person,
Who say sorry
For their mistakes...
Because for them
You are Important,
Not their ego...


22 FEB 2020 AT 11:05

अगर कोई पसंद नही
तो उसे बता दिया करो
यूँ नज़रअंदाज़ करने से
बस गलतफहमीया बढ़ती है